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Scottish Researchers Detect Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease In Wild Dolphins

Brain pathology in dolphins and whales has significant similarities to the human

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Tech tycoon Bryan Johnson's extraordinary journey to reverse ageing has shown the

Edward Bernays: The Godfather of Modern Propaganda Techniques

Edward Bernays introduced Sigmund Freud's psychological techniques to the public relations profession

Radio Signals Detected from Exoplanet Reveal Earth-like Magnetic Field

Earth's magnetic field shields us against cosmic rays and solar wind, making

Revealed: How Lifeline Australia Handles Data of Vulnerable Australians

Amid Crisis Text Line's data use scandal, serious concerns emerge about the

Ketamine Holds Key to Treating Severe Brain Injury In Children, New Study Suggests

Children aged 1 month to 16 years old received the controversial treatment.

$32 Billion FTX Scandal Worse than Enron, Madoff, Theranos, Experts say

Damning accusations are mounting against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Oklahoma City Bombing: Why the Mystery of Timothy McVeigh Still Haunts America, 27 Years On

As the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing approaches, we remember the

Crazy New Holographic Tech Lets You Make a 3D Version of Yourself

Holograms are more than just entertainment tricks — they are a glimpse

Why Experts Are Warning Against the Rise of AI Integration with Social Media

AI is shaping the future of social media, from AI-generated content to