As Russia Celebrates Victory Day, Parts of Ukraine Are In Ruins
Today Russia paraded through Red Square to celebrate the national Victory Day. But Russia has little to brag about given the Ukraine crisis.


Oklahoma City Bombing: How The Mystery of Timothy McVeigh Still Haunts America, 27 Years On

As the 27th Oklahoma City Bombing anniversary approaches, many are reminded of the first-ever mass-casualty terrorist attack on American soil.

Court Documents Reveal Johnson & Johnson Injected Black Prisoners With Asbestos In The ’70s 

Court documents show that the company funded a 1971 study in which Pennsylvania prisoners were “injected subcutaneously with asbestos.” 

Russian Soldiers Reportedly Committed ‘Mass R***’ Of Ukrainian Woman

Russian troops are reportedly committing mass r***s of innocent Ukrainian women, amongst other human rights violations.

Top Russian Officer Commits Suicide, Other Assassinated With His Own Tank

The most surprising military losses of the Ukraine/Russia conflict are top-ranking Russian military officers; 20 have been killed.

Edward Bernays: The Godfather of Social Engineering & Modern Propaganda

Edward Bernays's propaganda techniques can still be seen throughout corporate entities, political campaigns and pop culture today. 

Sniper Dubbed ‘The Ukrainian Reaper’ Is Slaughtering Russian Soldiers

Ukrainian sniper Volodymyr Vist, dubbed 'The Ukrainian Reaper,' is reported to have killed at least 20 Russian soldiers in just 2 days.
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