New Global Dataset Reveals Shocking Increase In Ocean Plastic Pollution Since 2005

Experts estimate more than 170 trillion plastic particles are polluting the world's oceans.

Zac Whelan Zac Whelan

Scientists Are Making Cocaine from Tobacco Plants

Sounds trivial, but the research has serious implications.

Zac Whelan 5 Min Read

The CIA Just Got Caught Illegally Spying on Americans – Again

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has come under fire after classified documents revealed that they

Jaxx Ziegler 7 Min Read

Meta Challenges OpenAI’s ChatGPT With LLaMA, Aims to Address ‘Toxicity’ In AI

Although LLaMA uses fewer parameters than ChatGPT, experts say Meta is poised to become a hot contender in the AI

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

This 3D-Printed Rocket May Outpace SpaceX In Race to Mars

Relativity Space is revolutionising the way we think about space travel by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology like 3D

Zac Whelan 5 Min Read

The Beauty Premium: Why Body Shape and Size Matters In the Workplace

Machine learning is helping researchers better understand why the “beauty premium” remains a big deal.

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

Quantum Mechanics for Dummies: A Short Guide

Quantum mechanics is complex but this simple guide will have you thinking like a physicist in no time.

Zac Whelan 7 Min Read

Researchers Shocked at How Common Psychedelic ‘Flashbacks’ Are

9% of LSD and psilocybin users report experiencing flashbacks, even years after use.

Zac Whelan 7 Min Read

The Holographic Universe as Explained by the CIA

Our reality could be a three-dimensional projection of a two-dimensional world, where time travel is really possible.

Zac Whelan 7 Min Read

First-Ever National UFO Archive Centre to be Built In the US

UFO fans are beyond excited. Here’s what you need to know.

Zac Whelan 5 Min Read

Does the Mind Extend Beyond the Body?

The science behind telepathy is more compelling than you might think.

Zac Whelan 7 Min Read

More People Are Depressed Than Ever Before

And treatment methods are falling behind, new research says.

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

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