The World Is Experiencing An Infertility Crisis. And Experts Warn of Extinction

Infertility is increasing and sperm counts have plummeted 50% globally in recent decades, leading experts to warn of a possible extinction of humanity.

Yasmeen Naseer Yasmeen Naseer

Study Links Poor Diet to 70% of New Type 2 Diabetes Cases Worldwide

Poor diet is responsible for over 14.1 million new cases of type 2 diabetes diagnosed

Zac Whelan 7 Min Read

Why Experts Are Warning Against the Rise of AI Integration with Social Media

AI is shaping the future of social media, from AI-generated content to sneaky chatbots. Here

Ronit Batra 8 Min Read

Zombie-Mania Goes Beyond TV. Undead Culture Is the New Pandemic

Zombiism is having a colossal moment in the culture. But not just on TV. From the workplace to walking corpse

Simon Black 8 Min Read

A Multi-Million Dollar Age Reversal Experiment Sheds Light On Secrets to Longevity

Tech tycoon Bryan Johnson's extraordinary journey to reverse ageing has shown the world what's possible with cutting-edge science and millions

Yasmeen Naseer 11 Min Read

Radio Signals Detected from Exoplanet Reveal Earth-like Magnetic Field

Earth's magnetic field shields us against cosmic rays and solar wind, making life possible. So could magnetic fields do the

Jimmy Ng 8 Min Read

Organoid Intelligence: Scientists Want to Build Computers Using Human Brain Cells

Could bio-computers built from human brain cells revolutionise computing technology? Researchers at John Hopkins think so.

Milly Adams 8 Min Read

Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak Want a 6-Month Pause on AI Development to Ensure the Safety of Humanity

Elon Musk and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, have joined forces with close to 20,000 other signatories to release a ground-breaking

Ronit Batra 7 Min Read

How Microbes Are Shaping the Future of Space Exploration

Leveraging the capabilities of microorganisms might be the key to sustainable space habitats for missions to Mars and beyond.

Gunnar De Winter 9 Min Read

Human Hair Analysis Reveals Evidence of Ancient Psychedelic Drug Use In Europe

The study provides unprecedented evidence of ritualistic psychedelic drug use in ancient Europe, dating back ~3,000 years.

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

The Dark Side of TikTok: How Commodifying Culture Is Making Us Lonelier Than Ever

TikTok is winning the attention war by churning out endless, homogenised content, but at a devastating cost.

Adrien Book 7 Min Read

Alaskan Willow Project Sparks Outrage Amongst Climate Activists – Here’s the Latest

The Biden Administration has received over 1 million protest letters since announcing plans to begin drilling oil. Here’s what’s new.

Jaxx Ziegler 10 Min Read
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