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Scientists Are Making Cocaine from Tobacco Plants

Sounds trivial, but the research has serious implications.

Zac Whelan 5 Min Read

Ownership of US$8,360 In Assets Places Individuals Among the Wealthiest 50% Globally

Total global wealth grew by 9.8% from 2021 to 2022, with the average wealth per adult growing to $87,489 USD.

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

New Global Dataset Reveals Shocking Increase In Ocean Plastic Pollution Since 2005

Experts estimate more than 170 trillion plastic particles are polluting the world's oceans.

Zac Whelan 5 Min Read

Crazy New Holographic Tech Lets You Make a 3D Version of Yourself

Holograms are more than just entertainment tricks — they are a glimpse into a future where anything is possible.

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

Why People Are Flocking To Spend Thousands on Luxury Psychedelic Wellness Retreats

For a small fortune, you can spend 10 days on a guided psychedelic mushroom trip in the heart of Jamaica's

Zac Whelan 6 Min Read

The CIA Just Got Caught Illegally Spying on Americans – Again

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has come under fire after classified documents revealed that they had been secretly gathering information

Jaxx Ziegler 7 Min Read

Oklahoma City Bombing: Why the Mystery of Timothy McVeigh Still Haunts America, 27 Years On

As the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing approaches, we remember the tragic event that shook America to its core.

Jaxx Ziegler 30 Min Read

Crypto Investors Crowdfund Hemp Company’s Civil Suit In World-First

Apothio LLC, an industrial hemp research and development company, is pursuing a civil suit against the Kern County Sheriff's Office

Caleb Donaldson 4 Min Read

Self-Sovereign Identity Could be the Future of Big Data. But What Is It?

The concept behind "self-sovereign identity" is a revolutionary approach to data ownership that could transform the way we interact with

Caleb Donaldson 8 Min Read