94% of DMT Users Experience Similar Otherworldly ‘Beings,’ Says Study
2021 research published by the University of Greenwich analysed the experiences of 36 seasoned DMT psychonauts.


Fiji Kava: The Fijian Psychoactive Drug, Older Than Christ

Fiji Kava, commonly referred to as “Nature's Xanax,” is scientifically proven to assist with anxiety and stress disorders.

Ever Wondered What Snorting 550 Hits Of LSD Is Like?

A 46 year-old woman, who accidentally snorted an estimated 55 milligrams (550 doses) of powdered LSD, reported positive health side effects.

Black Pepper May Help Reduce Cannabis-Induced Paranoia

Marijuana induced paranoia/anxiety can be a huge problem for cannabis users. But a simple cooking remedy may be able to help - Black pepper.

Psilocybin & MDMA Now Approved For Medicinal Use In Canada

Psilocybin and MDMA have been federally legalised in Canada for medicinal use by patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Today Is The 83rd Anniversary Of The Discovery Of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, Or L.S.D

Today marks the 83rd anniversary of the discovery of ACID, by Swedish chemist Albert Hofmann.

Detroit Has Just Decriminalised Magic Mushrooms & Other Psychedelic Drugs

The city of Detroit Michigan has become the most recent American state to vote in an overwhelming majority to decriminalise entheogenic plants and substances.
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