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As Russia Celebrates Victory Day, Parts of Ukraine Are In Ruins

Today Russia paraded through Red Square to celebrate the national Victory Day. But Russia has little to brag about given the Ukraine crisis.

Citigroup Transaction Error Crashed Swedish Stock Market 8% 

“This morning one of our traders made an error when inputting a transaction,” the bank said in an emailed statement earlier this week.

Elon Musk Wants To Chip People, Control All The Cars & Own Space – Now Owns Twitter

Twitter has agreed to accept Musk's $US44 billion takeover bid at $54.20 a share, a 38 per cent premium over the company’s share price.

Astrology Believers Are Less Intelligent & More Narcissistic, Study Says

A spike in the number of people who believe in pseudosciences is commonly seen through times of great stress, like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Advertisers Plan To Use ‘Dream-Hacking’ To Implant Branding Into Your Dreams

77 per cent of all marketers plan to use dream incubation techniques with advertising within the next three years.

Oklahoma City Bombing: How The Mystery of Timothy McVeigh Still Haunts America, 27 Years On

As the 27th Oklahoma City Bombing anniversary approaches, many are reminded of the first-ever mass-casualty terrorist attack on American soil.

Court Documents Reveal Johnson & Johnson Injected Black Prisoners With Asbestos In The ’70s 

Court documents show that the company funded a 1971 study in which Pennsylvania prisoners were “injected subcutaneously with asbestos.” 

The Russian Chemical Weapons Ukraine Needs To Worry About

Approximately 80 per cent of Russia's stockpile is reportedly made up of nerve agents.


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