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The Russian Chemical Weapons Ukraine Needs To Worry About

Approximately 80 per cent of Russia's stockpile is reportedly made up of nerve agents.

Russian Tanks Are Failing Miserably Against NATO Supplied Weapons

In the lead up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Zelensky called upon NATO to supply Ukrainian forces with much-needed supplies.

Top Russian Officer Commits Suicide, Other Assassinated With His Own Tank

The most surprising military losses of the Ukraine/Russia conflict are top-ranking Russian military officers; 20 have been killed.

The Ghost Of Kyiv: Myth, Ukrainian Propaganda, Or Ace Legend?

A Ukrainian fighter pilot dubbed ‘The Ghost of Kyiv’ reportedly shot down at least six Russian fighter jets within the space of 30 hours.

Metamaterial: The New Stealth Technology That Reacts To Its Environment

Metamaterial technology is capable of responding independently to its environment, similar to how a chameleon changes texture and colour. 

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