77 per cent of all marketers plan to use dream incubation techniques with advertising within the next three years.


Peer-Reviewed British Medical Journal Claims Evidence-Based Medicine Is An ‘Illusion’

Evidence-based medicine “has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of academia,” the authors claim.

Quantum Computing Just Got A Lot Better, Thanks To Australian-led Research

An international group of Australian-led researchers have broken through a major hurdle for the future of silicon based quantum computing.

China Builds Artificial Moon Using Magnets To Simulate Gravity

Chinese scientists have successfully built a "low-earth gravity" facility with an artificial moon designed to simulate the moons gravity.

A Form Of Cancer Treatment Temporarily Gives People Night Vision

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a form of cancer treatment that is giving patients temporary night vision abilities.

Snorting Oxytocin May Help Decrease Jealousy In Your Romantic Relationships

New research has found that intranasally administering small doses of oxytocin, the neuropeptide and hormone responsible for social bonding commonly known as the “love hormone”, can help reduce jealousy among partners in an established romantic relationship.  

Climate Scientists Have Begun Warning About The Dangers Of Geoengineering

Climate control using geoengineering (injecting aerosol like sulphates into the stratosphere) is at the top of the list for an economically viable solution for countries to begin using. 
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