AI Tool Accurately Predicts Risk of Heart Attack Within 5 Years
Artificial intelligence can now accurately predict a patient’s risk of suffering a heart attack within five years of receiving a CTA scan.


Mild COVID Dramatically Increases Risk Of Heart Problems

Research on the long-term impacts of COVID disease on the cardiovascular system shows mild COVID increases the risk of heart problems.

Scientists Are Trying To Cheat Death, But Will They Succeed?

Scientists and medical researchers have made some remarkable, and controversial, breakthroughs in anti-ageing experiments of late.

Myocarditis Risk 84x Higher Than Expected, After mRNA Vaccine

Young adults are 84.4x more likely to develop myocarditis after an mRNA vaccination, compared to the background risk in the population.

Neuroscientists Discover Large ‘Gamma Oscillations’ In Dying Man’s Brain 

Gamma oscillations (more commonly known as 'brain waves') are patterns of brain activity normally associated with memory flashbacks.

Brain-Chip Allows Paralysed Person To Post First Ever Tweet Using Thoughts

Philip O-Keefe, a 62-year-old Australian man, has become the first person to compose a tweet using his thoughts with a brain-chip.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Plan To Implant Brain Chip’s Into Humans Next Year

Co-founder and CEO of Neuralink Elon Musk announced in a recent Wall Street Journal interview that the neurotechnology company will begin human trials of their brain-computer interface next year.
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