Astrology Belief Correlated With Lower Intelligence & Higher Narcissism, Study Says
A spike in the number of people who believe in pseudosciences is commonly seen through times of great stress, like the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Tradie Lady Club: The Female Tradie Influencers Making Bank

Melbourne based Tradie Lady Club and female tradie influencers across Australia are helping women navigate the male dominated industry.

Domino’s Pizza Spent $50.4m On Ads Bragging About $100,000 Donation

Domino's Pizza spent more money on the campaign than any given year's entire advertising budget throughout the company's 82 year history.

How Does Lifeline Australia Use Your Data?

Lifeline Australia crisis hotline is a service used by many. But are vulnerable Australian’s conversations and data being used ethically? 

Rumble Wants To Buy Joe Rogan Off Spotify. But What The Hell Is Rumble?

Rumble has offered to buy Joe Rogan off of Spotify for another $100 million pay day. But what the hell is Rumble? And can Joe Rogan accept?

Replika: The AI Companion & Romance App For Lonely People

AI companion app Replika seeks to fill a lonely void by offering an artificially intelligent avatar friend (or more) that you can chat with 24/7.

People Of All Ages Are Having Less Sex – And Scientists Are Worried

Since 2009 both men and woman of all ages have been having less and less sex, according to research published in Archives of Sexual Behavior.
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