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About Us

CONTX Media is an Australian based independent news media company that reports on all things culturally significant, through the lens of innovation. We are here to help you answer one question… How will new innovative ideas and trends impact us culturally?

In an age where politically and ideologically biased news reporting has become the status quo, we think of ourselves as the only news alternative that makes sense when all you want is a refreshing perspective on cool ideas and interesting stories.

Especially those stories that are likely to be swept under the rug by the mainstream.

From science, space exploration, business innovation and big tech through to drugs, popular culture and medical discoveries, we have got you covered! Our niche is to steer clear of all things political, sticking solely to the facts.

So, how do we decide what to report on? We ask all of our journalists and writers to abide by our simple INNOVATE framework when attempting to find the next interesting story to publish, tailored just for you!

Our INNOVATE framework consists of just seven simple questions:

I - is the story ‘INNOVATIVE’?
N - is the story ‘NEW’?
N - is the story ‘NUANCED’?
O - is the story ‘ORIGINAL’?
V - is the story ‘VIVACIOUS’?
A - is the story ‘APPLICABLE’?
T - is the story ‘TRANSPARENT’?
E - is the story ‘EQUITABLE’?

If we fail to answer the majority of these questions with a YES, then the story is unlikely to be covered by us.

But if we do answer YES to the majority of the questions that make's up our INNOVATE framework, CONTX will be all over it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely! CONTX was founded by and is backed solely by Zac Whelan’s personal capital, which gives us full editorial independence over our publishing routine.

CONTX is run by the founder Zac Whelan with the support of a few close friends, all aiming to bring nothing short of the highest quality content to our readers and supporters.

Merchandise sales are a part of our revenue model, including running ads on our website, which all help to keep CONTX Media independent. This gives us the ability to keep bringing you all the relevant news from across the world that really matters. We go to great lengths to ensure our merchandise is ethically and sustainably sourced, opting to use domestically made products as much as possible to help support small businesses.

CONTX goes to great lengths to source all the stories we report on, from all ranges of media outlets. We do our absolute best to filter out all that politically charged BS! As we do not operate as a ‘breaking news’ outlet, this gives us time to source all the relevant stories that align to our core company values.

If you have an enquiry please refer to our CONTACT US page. Alternatively, feel free to send us an email using [email protected] or contact us via our Instagram. We will try to reply within a reasonable time frame.

Absolutely! We are always on the look out for new journalists and writers. As aforementioned, please direct all of your enquiries to the CONTACT US page if you can, where you can select the “I want to work for CONTX Media'' tab.

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